Sunday, September 30, 2012

OK! We're off and running!

It's just shy of 2 months until Teslacon 3 and I've finally put down my fear, picked up my sewing tools and gotten started on my costuming projects. I've ordered three patterns which should arrive next week (more about them later) but in the meantime I've started on two projects I've been thinking about for a while. Namely, reworking two pin-tucked white cotton shirts and a skirt into a passably steampunk petticoat-chemise combination which could become a tea gown with the addition of a matching jacket. And a collapsible wire bustle.

Yeah, a BUSTLE.

I've been intimidated by this project for a lot of reasons but today I got up and started untwisting those hangers from the dry-cleaners and...Voila!

My bustle in progress:



I'm still in the process of wrapping each individual wire with organza ribbon. I plan to attach rosettes over the hinge on each side and a flounce on the bottom wire...and add the waistband, of course! Measurements will follow along with pictures of my finished project.