Sunday, September 8, 2013

Kill the napkin. Kill the napkin. KILL that napkin!

Ok. Thursday night? I was very luck to shoot an arrow into the back board of the target. The grass of our local archery range and I got very well aquainted. But today? All but 5 of my arrows hit the back board and four of them hit the target!


Four of those holes are MINE!

Of course, I can't quite remember which four of those holes are mine but I know I had a nice triangular grouping, not on the edge, in the last round of shooting. Woohoo!

Oh. And by the way, the quiver worked very well and I'm pretty sure it helped. The said it was important to leave your feet in place and approach the shot the same way each time so I could figure out what to adjust to improve my aim. The quiver means I don't have to scramble around on the ground for my arrows and lets me stay focused. :)

And Clarence used the bow Jessi lent me and it works! I'll have to build up some muscle before it will work well for me, but it is so nice to have at least one bow to bring to the local shoot. Now I just need to get my arrows tipped...

Yep. Hooked. They even have us talking about getting war points at Pennsic!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

What will that girl do next? Archery!

After a couple of years of thinking about it and saying I was *going* to do it I finally got myself off to an archery practice this week. So much fun! Seriously, even with my complete inability to hit the target. (I did hit the back board a few times. :) ) I loved it! I think both Boen and I may be hooked.

We are at least interested enough to be going to our Barony's archery practice tomorrow and in the last hour or so I have suddenly developed an intention to make a hip quiver! I confess I was inspired by a photo set I found through the good offices of Pinterest. Evrard Archer has posted a wonderful set of photos on Flicker at and they contained enough information--including a pattern-- to get me thinking that it was something we could do. Thank you, Evrard Archer! I hope I am someday lucky enough to take your class!

Since I hope to have a useable quiver tomorrow and no leather in the house I am throwing something together from stuff I do have, fabric, metal rings, and a cream cheese container.

Here goes!

The container is approximately the size of the finished size of the bottom from his pattern and will keep the arrow tips from puncturing the fabric. At least that is the plan.

I cut off the bottom of the container about an inch up the side, cut a disk from the lid the right size to make a double thickness of plastic at the bottom, and cut the remainder of the side at an angle to make a support for the top of the quiver.

Some rather random cutting and stitching later and I have this

We'll be adding straps tomorrow when we try it out to see if it helps. Believe me, I need all the help I can get!