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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Valentine's Day's Secret Plan revealed!

So, what indispensable item of gentlemanly flash can be cobbled together from a few cool bits and bobs bought on e-bay? Well it all started with a necklace ...

With the perfect steamy links...

 And ended up a pocket watch and chain!

We are now on the hunt for the perfect fob, or three, to subtlety hint at the interior life of his steampunk self. Kids, we're going to Teslacon 5! And this year I've sworn not to bring anything that still needs sewing.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Secret Project of Secretness

I am indebted to Graverobbergirl and her blog "Just Another Crafting Blog" for the title of this post! I read with interest her posts on her own secret project of secretness in 2012 and the phrase captured my mind and has since invested all my sneaky little gift projects with a mysterious allure befitting such a grandious name!

My current project is a valentines gift for my Clarence and, while I won't go into any details at present, I must say that shopping has been successful, assembly has begun, and the whole thing is shaping up marvelously. I'm also *really* enjoying teasing him about it every night!


Monday, May 30, 2011

Boen's Doublet Pictures as Promised

Isn't he just...yummy?

So, this is pattern #43-Boen's doublet #2. I decided to close it with hooks and eyes so I could actually have a finished, wearable doublet--at last.

I'm surprisingly happy with the finished result (just look at him :) ) but I've also learned a very valuable thing--having a PICTURE to look at really helps Boen and I evaluate and discuss his wardrobe. It turns out that we agree about the issues in the fit of this doublet--loo long in the waist, too loose in the peplum (the part below the waist) especially at the back, and the sleeves just aren't right...

But it's quite a start, I think.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Progress report

Boen's (Clarence) second doublet all hemmed - done.

Boen's third doublet has become a jerkin instead--due to lack of fabric--but it is all cut out and mostly stitched together and pretty pretty pretty. He's well on his way to having a wardrobe!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Progress Report

Let's see...

Stained our two folding x-chairs, check.

Stitched up Clarence's second doublet, check.

Pictures soon? ... I sure hope so!

Progress Report:

2 cushions for our folding chairs-check.

Cut out and started pinning C's 2nd doublet-check.

Prewashed the blue linen for C's 4th doublet-check.

Sanded the folding table and touched-uped the paint where I messed it up when was working on painting my first fan-check.

Touched-up the paint on said fan-check!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Now that I am over my fit of temper

I'll admit that the doublet is coming together really easily. I'm following advice I read in a pattern review on the Internet and using my usual method of garment assembly rather than the pattern instructions but I've been following along with them so far and aside from my deciding to stay-stich the curves, interline the collar, and line the entire doublet...we're pretty parallel.

I hope to be putting it all together tomorrow.

Since I am recovered from my earlier upset, I feel I should also mention that the pattern I purchased has a copyright date of 1986. It's possible that there is a later, improved version.


Now I see what they mean...

Having recently aquired a husband I've discovered I also aquired a costuming challenge, to wit, sewing garb for a man. A pretty skinny man. And he is going for about 1470!

It's really amazing how mystified I feel about pattern drafting in this new realm where all my skills at late period garb for fat girls just gets chucked out the window.

So I decided to buy a pattern. To be specific, I've bought Period Pattern's #43 "Mens Italian Renaissance Garments c. 1420 - 1500" and, eeep!

My overwheling feeling is aggravation and disappointment that the pattern maker seems to have been too cheap or to stupid to do really basic things--like define what measurements are being used to define each size, and/or number the pages of the documentation/'instructions' so you can tell what order you are supposed read the sections in.

Come on, what pattern doesn't include a basic size chart!

I was prepared for bad sewing instructions, but this is really inexcusable.


Luckily, I *do* sew quite a bit and I think I can figure out the assembly. It was the shaping I was being squeemish about. My love currently has almost nothing to wear to Pennsic (not entirely bad... ;) ) but I hope to change that situation soon. I'm currently working on a linen mock-up of doublet #1 and keeping my fingers crossed.

I'll keep you posted!