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Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'd rather forgotten...

how long it takes to prep applique pieces when they are full of itty-bitty curves and curliques and tendrils. Which is to say that I am still working on the front roof of the pavillion. Yes, I haven't even finished all the applique pieces. Yes, I haven't even pinned it all together, let alone started attaching the applique. Yes it feels like it is taking forever.

I started laying out the pieces I have finished because I was going to take a picture to prove that I was still working on the pavillion but right now seeing all those bits scattered in all that white space is making me rather depressed. So, maybe not.

In other news I have finished my first pair of slippers, updated the pictures on the 50 pairs of slippers project page, and started the artwork for my next pair. I find I continue to be facinated by moorish tracery so my next pair will continue the theme. I'm thinking to do an embroidered motif across the vamp of the shoe.

Something like this:

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I've been really busy, and I've got something to show for it!

I've prepped numerous bits of applique for the roof, stiched 27 of the 28 eyelets in a light cotton gown for Pennsic (the butter dress), I've learned two new embroidery stiches, and, oh, my shoes are stunning! If you look at the 50 pairs of slippers page you'll see what I mean.

Pretty, Yes?

They say the best is the enemy of the good. But, in my experience, the good is not the enemy of the best. I can hardly wait to finish this pair and try for something even better!