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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Historical Sew Fortnightly #3 - 18th Century Blue Linen Stays

The Challenge: #3 - Underneath it All

Fabric: blue linen body, white cotton canvas interlining, white cotton lining

Pattern: adapted from the mantua makers 18th century stays, back in about 2006 when I was clearly a different shape.

Year: mid to later 18th century

Notions: purchased bias tape, twill tape and gros grain ribbon, metal boning

How historically accurate is it? Low to moderate. I was more concerned with getting a smooth line, fast (ha!) so I went with machine stitching and metal boning...however, the eyelets and the binding of the tabs on the bottom edge are all done by hand!

Hours to complete: I just don't track all...but something like a final rush of about 17 hours work at the end of a very long wait. And now it's done!

I have proof!

First worn: February 12, 2013

Total cost: I have no idea of the cost overall but I spent about $4 on ribbon to lace it closed.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

To tell you the truth...

I am still not inspired to work in the blue linen corset! I've been plugging out...

When you add all the stitching together it is not a whole lot. :) I'll keep plugging away through the weekend and hope for the best. I guess I just don't like binding tabs.

***(two days later)***

The tabs are done! And it only took me, what, eight years to do?!

Isn't she pretty?

Now on to the eyelets. I actually *like* doing eyelets so I am hopefull it won't be another eight years. :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Working on challenge #3 - Underclothing!

There are just too many tempting possibilities with this challenge. My mind is full of ideas and I want to try them all! clocked stockings, Steampunk combinations, regency corset and/or bodiced petticoat, 1880's corset, Lacy wrapper...but I'm starting with this

The blue linen 18th century stays that went into my UFO pile before I moved away from California back in December of 2006. I just need to bind the last 6 1/2 tabs, make the eyelets, add laces and I'll be done! Done. I like the sound of that. It occurs to me that I probably have enough in my UFO collection to have a project for all 26 of the challenges. Maybe I should see what else I can get finished!