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Sunday, April 8, 2012

IRCC II - So Excited!

I just took a look at the challenge entrants page and we are up to 24 participants! WooHoo! That should make for some really interesting exchanges, and many pretty pictures!

In terms of my own plans, I've been busily reading about padded bodices, and hems, and pondering the need for chopines--and the extra height they bring-- to balance out the deep point of 1590's gowns. (although I really suspect it was the other way round. Longer skirts lead to an increase in the depth of the waist to trick the eye into normalizing the proportions of the figure.)

I think my available fabric will prevent my going for chopines and a train on this gown so I expect to be concentrating on the details of fitting the gown and making fabulous accessories.

Possibly fabulously naughty accessories!

I've yet to explore the Courtesan aspect of my persona in any depth. A shame, really, as there are endless opportunities to spice up my garb in a way that would resonate with Venice in the late 1500's. So, I'm thinking about:

Embroidered drawers - I'll probably leave the entire crotch seam open. For(ahem) convenience. And embroider some truly raunchy period poetry along the opening. I'm thinking one of Arentino's banned works.

Erotic jewelry - years ago I bought a phallus-shaped natural pearl on e-bay with the intention of making it into Courtesan jewelry. I hope to make a classic 'winged phallus' pendant to wear...probably on a gold chain....hmm...maybe even one with a collar and leash?

Figs - as a symbol of the female, figs would be highly appropriate for use as a topic of embroidery on my camicia. And they would be rather easier to wear on my more modest days than the, also tempting to continue, winged phallus theme!

I'm still working on ideas for how to really play up the Courtesan aspect in this outfit. It's especially interesting for me because I find most period 'erotica' to be both misogynistic and sex-negative, at least the written stuff, and yet it can also be so delightfully forthright! I expect I could have a lot of fun putting forward my modern sex-positive, feminist spin with period-sourced words and images.