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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The World, Such an interesting place.

Last night I went to a farewell reception for a colleague and ended up talking with a friend about the presentation she had attended at a recent conference. Ordinary enough for academics, I suppose (I should, perhaps, mention that one of my hats is 'Faculty Wife') but the subject came up because I mentioned that my summer plans include attending a two week long medieval camping event, for which I am making a tent and she had attended a presentation on Byzantine texts discussing tents.

So there I am at a work related cocktail party, talking about byzantine tents. I love my life!

Thru this conversation I have just discovered the existence of The Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies. Not my field, but super cool!

My friend presented at the SPBS Spring Symposium (April 2011) and also attended Margaret Mullett's session "Experiencing the Byzantine Text" I'm writing to Ms. Mullett in the hopes of getting permission to link to the handout from her session. Stay tuned!

(I know, I'm a wicked tease.)