Sunday, July 8, 2012

IRCC 2 - Nearing the finish line with the loose gown

After cutting, trimming and hemming the 14 tabs for my shoulders I sorted them by width and separated them into two similar stacks of 7 tabs each. I decided to layer them so I made two off-set stacked strips, three-on-four, and pinned them together.

After setting them into the armeye and then setting in the sleeve I have this:

Rather nice, I think. :)

I may decide to attach some of the tabs together near the tips to control the shape they make but I want to give them a bit of time to find their own way. Now on to sewing in the other side!


  1. That is beautiful, and it's amazing how those two rows of trim look like one in a photo!

  2. Thank you! I'm pretty amazed by the trim myself. Even in person I have to think my way through the loops of the pattern to recognize that it didn't start life as a single wide band. I'd reccomended the technique to anyone.

    But it is rather time consuming...