Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Underneath it All! A Venetian Partlet ca. 1550-1600

I have several unfinished partlet projects lying about the house which keep stalling out about the time I get to the place where I try them on and discover that they are not the right some way or another. I'd pretty much developed some strange complex about them but I think it has finally been overcome!

Thus my report on my project for the historical sew fortnightly project

The Challenge: #4 - Underneath It All
Fabric: Purchased scarf, moderately sheer cotton/rayon scarf with lace bands near each end
Pattern: None. I chopped off the fringed ends of the scarf and bound the edge of the lace to hem it. Then I found the center of the scarf, folded the two ends to the center and whipped together the shoulder seams until they extended past my shoulder strap placement. Then I cut on the 1/4 position folds and hemmed the edges. At last, a partlet that fits!
Year: 1550-1600 Many variations of neckline treatments existed simultaneously during this period
Notions: Cotton thread
How historically accurate is it? Moderately. The shape is spot on and the construction work I did is good but the materials and original machine stitching...not so much.
Hours to complete: About 2
First worn: March 1, 2014
Total cost: $12
This project is also my first project #5 - Finishing Touches for the Five Foundations Challenge. Woohoo!
And now for the pretty pictures!

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