Wednesday, June 1, 2016

CoBloWriMo! Just a little something to start out the month.

Hello Again!

It's June first for me, and Costume Blog Writing Month commences. I intend to use this month to get back to working on my costuming, and my, of course, I decided to start a huge new project last weekend!

Welcome to my world. :)

So, I registered a household badge at last and in preparing to go to a big SCA event this month I realized that there is just no way I will get my Pavilion finished in time--mundane tent for me :(--but I really want some splashy period stuff to set the scene in my encampment. I have a table and chairs but no sunshade/day-tent...and eyes! 200 custom patches I ordered during a sale last winter. So now I am making a day shade.

I am doing the canvas part all wrong, of course. Since it need it FAST I went to the hardware store and bought a heavy but 100% cotton canvas tarp (10x15) for my base. Since it is only a day-shade I hope it will be sufficiently weather resistant for my purpose.

I am working on an inner liner in red and blue cotton covered with eyes:

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