Tuesday, June 7, 2016

CoBolWriMo 7 - The wonders of eBay!

Today's prompt is to write about a favorite resource and I've got to talk about my favorite go-to supplier, eBay!

I stared shopping on eBay in 2005 or thereabouts, mostly to feed my collection of turquoise-blue milk glass, but I slowly became aware that some truely incredible fabrics, and some great deals, could be found there. Since then I have made two major moves, relocating to vastly different places in the US and I've discovered that eBay us always there for me. :) My only local fabric store is a vastly inadequate JoAnne fabrics and I have almost zero chance of finding something I really want there, but....

Say I want six or more yards of smashing silk for a steampunk ball gown for about $60?

And it is so wonderful that I just have to find natural fiber lace to trim it. In fact I need enough to make pleated lace trim!

How does 27 meters of cotton lace grab you?

Works for me!

Or maybe I just happen to see a really great fabric and feel the need to transform it into a skirt.

Or I happen upon the most wonderful tapestry fabric and decide to drape a room in it?

Again, eBay!

I strategize a lot, and I've learned to hold out for a fabric I love at a price I love too, but on eBay I get access to some truely incredible things. You'd never guess I live far far away from the world of great fabrics. 

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